I never knew putting together a blog would take hours and hours and days and nights and still be only half done. But here I am, welcome! I can’t wait to get this going and start baking bread for you. I still can’t believe I’m doing this—-I’m starting my own bread business! Did I just say that? I DID! I hope you like my bread, I really really do. I am Laura Birshan, your neighborhood bakester. Take a look around, tell me what you think. Follow me. Sign up for bread. Ok, sorry, I’ll stop telling you what to do. Just do it though, ok? 🙂


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2 responses to “HERE I AM!

  1. Norm Zeiser

    Try Ken’s bread at 21st & Flanders. It is soooo tasty and his morning buns are to die for.

    • laurabirshan


      I have been there and you’re right, Ken’s makes amazing bread. I am also lucky to have their pizzeria walking distance from my home!!

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