Bobbie’s 7-Grain Cereal Bread

Alright folks,

Here she is. I present to you today’s bread:

Bob’s 7-Grain Cereal Bread

Isn’t she gorgeous? I just snacked on a piece and I can vouch for its tastiness too.

What’s in it, you ask?

We’ll, let’s see, it’s got wheat, rye, triticale, oats, oat bran, barley, rice and  flax meal. Yep, it’s chock full of sweet nutty grains yet still light and fluffy on the inside with a chewy crust.

What can I do with this bread?

First off, you can just eat it by yourself alone in a room and not share it with anyone else, because clearly there just isn’t enough to go around. Seriously, I won’t judge you. Or you can use it to make really delicious sandwiches. It’s summer, so go get yourself a really ripe local tomato and call it a day. Have you ever tried grilled bread? I like to take day old bread, rub a little olive oil on it and throw it on the grill with an assortment of veggies (or meat). I rub a piece of raw garlic on the toasted bread and top in with pesto, eggplant, zuchini…..the options are indefinite!

Hope you enjoy it,  see you all in a couple of hours….

your neighborhood bakester,



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3 responses to “Bobbie’s 7-Grain Cereal Bread

  1. Scott

    Mmm…crunchy, chewy, tangy…and still warm! I can only assume that Bobbie is the person whose bones were ground into the bread, fee-fi-fo-fum style. She was worth it.

    • laurabirshan

      Hi Scott,
      Hope you are enjoying your bread! It also goes great with home-made beer, cuz you know, beer is just liquid bread anyway. Don’t forget to save a slice for Berkeley. 🙂

  2. Jessie

    It was so delicious! We already ate it all haha. Thank you so much! We look forward to the next loaf.

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