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Once upon a time there was a sweet gal named Laura. Some folks called her ‘the bread lady’. Way back in the day the bread lady was just learning how to bake bread and like a silly little gal she was, she wanted to skip the easy recipes and go straight for the ones that were complicated and far more advanced than her bread skills could take her. She had not yet mastered a single simple country loaf and there she was trying to make a polenta rosemary leavain. Oh course said loaf of bread came out doughy, under-baked, under-proofed and heeeaaaavvvyyy. Ummmph. The bread lady didn’t have a clue where she went wrong, following the recipe to a T, and blamed it on the recipe itself.

The bread lady has come a long way. Luckily, there was no photographic evidence of this miserable looking, inedible loaf. If there is not photographic evidence, who is to say this story really happened? The bread lady made that same polenta rosemary levain loaf today, kinda nervous about a similar experience happening. She was still half convinced that it was the recipe that was at fault, and not her lack of baking skills oh so long ago. (still in denial, jeeeez!!) She didn’t really want to just wing it and not have it come out. How embarrassing would that be if she had to inform all you bread lovers that well, sorry, no bread this week because it was an epic FAIL. Well people, the loaf came out AMAZING and the bread lady can’t wait to share some with you all this week.

Here’s a sneak peek!

polenta-rosemary levain

polenta-rosemary levain

She’s getting up CRAZY early Friday morning to bake for y’all so she really hopes ya like it a lot.

This photo is silly with only one slice of bread cut away. The bread lady resisted the urge to eat the whole loaf of bread this morning and succeeded. She did want to show you all the bitty polenta bits floating around though. Yep, crazy good!

do you see the bitty bits of polenta?

Lots of first time subscribers are getting their first loaves this week.  Hope you will come back here and lemme know what you all think. I’m really fishing for compliments, can you tell?? 😉

Anywayz, on Friday, go buy yourself some good slices of turkey or chicken breast and pretend it is the day after Thanksgiving and make a big fatty sandwich with this bread. You won’t regret it!


the bread lady.

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