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Semolina and Honey + French Toast + Interuption in baking schedule

Hi Everyone,

It’s been busy around here! And with lack of internet this week I’ve been missing the world-wide web, and you guys of course. Lot’s to do today including a shopping spree for my new job at Cyril’s at Clay Pigeon Winery for kitchen gadgets, pots and pans, etc. Fun! This week also included a baguette tasting for the wine bar. I haven’t purchased store-bought bread in months. After tasting a few mediocre baguettes and a few very decent baguettes it made me feel really good about MY bread and how darn tasty it is. Sometimes I forget. This week’s bread is a semolina and honey loaf. This bread will make AMAZING french toast, so go buy yourself some eggs and milk and get ready! 🙂

If you would like a French Toast recipe, here is my favorite:

So, I have some sad news for you. I know I mentioned I wanted to bake for you all on Thanksgiving day. Well, I have to retract what I said. I also need to postpone bread next week too. The reason? Well, I need to help get the wine bar OPEN next week and we are having a huge private event there on the 16th. So, there will be no bread on the follow dates:

Friday, Nov. 16

Monday, Nov. 19

Friday, Nov. 23

Monday, Nov. 26

Bread will resume as normal after that. Thank you all for being patient with me and I get things sorted on my end. I still need to sort out changing some of your schedules over so I can start baking for all of you on one day, that has yet to be determined.

Looking forward to seeing you all this week and so sorry I won’t be able to bake for you the following two weeks.

If you have any questions please feel free to email me at

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Multigrain Bread + New Job + Breadcrumbs + Ducks

Hi Everyone,

It’s been a VERY GOOD WEEK! A very good week indeed! Guess who got herself a big girl job?! That’s right, ME! Clay Pigeon Winery will be opening its doors to the public pretty soon and with it will be their wine tasting bar called Cyril’s. I’m going to be cooking there as their chef full-time and it’s going to be awwweeesooommme. I’m in the midst of menu planning and such and it’s been a ton of fun already. It’s going to be kinda chaotic around here for a couple of weeks, but guess what else!? I can start baking for all you happy bread loving folks right from the wine bar. You might even be seeing my bread on the menu. The place is still under construction so I have yet to actually see the oven in all it’s glory but chances are it’s bigger and better than what I’m cooking in now. Sooo, with that said there might be a few changes around here in terms of delivery times and days but I’m not sure what those changes, if any, will be at the moment so enough of that for now. Anyway, I hope you will all come in for a glass of wine or beer when we open, and maybe even order an appetizer or two. I’d love to see you.

Last week’s spiced delicata squash bread had mixed reviews. I hope most of you liked it! Perhaps the chipotles were a little “out there” for some of you folks, so I apologize if it wasn’t to your liking. I thought it was great, but everyone’s palettes and preferences are different. I’m glad you all at least tried it and are such good sports in letting me choose what you eat each week, you’re awesome! I never expect everyone to like every bread I make 100% of the time, but lesson learned, maybe I won’t use chipotles again in the future.

With that said, this week I’m going back to something a little bit simpler and “normal” in terms of bread. This week’s bread was inspired by Kim Boyce’s multigrain flour mix she uses in her cookbook, “Good to the Grain”. Have you all ever been to her store front, Bakeshop here in PDX? I’ve stopped in there once upon a time but I never did order anything. Her cookbook is lovely though as are most of the recipes in it. I have made her waffles using this same multigrain flour mix and they are delicious! So what’s in it? Well, let’s see here, there is whole wheat, millet, rye, oat, and barley flour all mixed together combined with a bunch of white flour too and what you’ve got is a pretty darn healthy and delicious loaf of bread.

I don’t have a photo of it for you all, I used the last of my test loaf making some bread crumbs for part of tonight’s dinner.

Speaking of breadcrumbs, here is a very simple recipe for you all in case you have some staling bread that you just can’t seem to part with to the compost demons….

 Alice Water’s Breadcrumbs

From The Art of Simple Foods


Stale Bakester bread

a pinch of salt

1 tbsp olive oil for every cup of breadcrumbs


-Pre-heat oven to 350F

-Cut off the crust from bread, cut the bread into cubes and process in a blender of food processor until the crumbs reach the fineness you want.

-Toss breadcrumbs with salt + oil and spread the crumbs on a baking sheet in a thin layer.

-Bake until golden brown, stirring the crumbs every few minutes for even browning.


-Fry a handful of herbs in hot oil over medium heat until crisp, drain well and toss together with the toasted breadcrumbs and a pinch of salt, if needed.

-A few dried chili flakes can be mixed into the crumbs for spice.

-Freeze the breadcrumbs before you toast them. When you need them, defrost and proceed with recipe. Frozen breadcrumbs will stay fresh in the freezer for months.

And I will part from you with this picture I took in Laurelhurst Park the other day, it made me laugh. In case you didn’t know, don’t feed ducks bread, it’s bad for them!

Reads, “I like bread…But it hurts my head!”

No job hunting all day anymore means I can do FUN things like take photos in the park of my feet in leaves and sleep in late in the morning. Yippeee!

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