Sesame Levain

Hello Everyone,

It’s Friday again, that means it’s bread day! This week I present you with a sesame loaf. It’s studded with tiny little perfectly toasted sesame seeds and is so nutty and delicious. I can’t wait to get it into your hands. I’m running a little late this morning after somehow dropping my telephone into my glass of water that was on the floor by my bed last night. I’m still on the hunt for the “perfect” night stands and have been using the floor in the meantime. Anyway, I went to set the phone down and PLOP, in it went into my water glass. It was my alarm clock so I had to use my husbands phone as my alarm clock instead and go figure I set it up wrong and it didn’t go off at all this morning. I slept in til seven and now I’m an hour and a half behind! I’ll be delivering out-of-order this morning and will leave all the subscribers who I know won’t be home until last. Sorry for the delay!

bakester community supported bread sesame loaf

bakester community supported bread sesame loaf

bakester community supported bread sesame loaf

Sesame seeds always make me think of the comedian Mitch Hedberg…..

“……I think they could take sesame seeds off the market and I wouldn’t even care. I can’t imagine 5 years from now, saying, “Damn, remember sesame seeds? What happened? All the buns are blank! They’re gonna have to change that McDonald’s song: ‘Two all-beef patties, special sauce, lettuce, cheese, pickles, onions, on a… bun.’ How’s a sesame seed stick to a bun? That’s fuckin’ magical! There’s got to be some sesame seed glue out there! Either that, or they’re adhesive on one side. “Take the sesame seed out, remove the backing, place it on the bun. Now your bun will look spectacular.” What does a sesame seed grow into? I don’t know, we never gave them a chance! What the fuck is a sesame? It’s a street…it’s a way to open shit!…..”

It’s better live if you can find it on youtube or something, I highly recommend it. hilarious.

In other news I made pizza last night with my bread dough (minus the sesame seeds) and it may have been the finest pizza I have ever made or eaten. I wish this type of pizza traveled better cuz I’d make you some. When my husband and I lived in Humboldt County, California we would often get together with some great friends for pizza and cosmopolitans. Our friends made THE BEST cosmos and by the time we were ready to eat we were all so drunk off one cosmo we would over stuff ourselves full of grilled pizza until we were totally uncomfortable. ::think stretchy pants on Thanksgiving full:: It was worth it. That pizza was amazing but this pizza tops it for sure. Dang, I love bread and I llloooovvvvvveeeeee pizza.

bakester community supported bread pizza

bakester community supported bread pizza

Anyways, I’ll be out the door soon enough with bread coming at ya. Have a great weekend everyone and seriously, let me know how you like the sesame bread!!




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4 responses to “Sesame Levain

  1. Looks great! Maybe we could get some raw pizza dough one week?

  2. The sesame bread is delicious!!!!!

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